Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sick...and Tired

You know that feeling you have the day after a good workout? Your stomach muscles are aching and you feel so proud? Well, that is NOT what I a feeling right now. My stomach muscles are sure sore but it is from the excessive coughing, not from any workout. I have been sick for a few days. The cough is now painful as my stomach muscles are yelling at me. I have not slept in a few nights as the cough is at its worse at night (of course). Last night was a bit better with longer stretches of actual sleep but today I am coughing much more and it is daylight. I am taking a prescription med from my PCP and will wait until tomorrow to be seen if it is really not better.

When you are sick your defenses are down, you are more vulnerable and you are an emotional moving target. That is me this week. I am feeling very down, have baby on the brain and am beating myself up (again) about not being able to become pregnant and give my daughter a sibling. While I know that these feelings will ebb and flow, it is just a difficult week for me. Being sick is one thing, but to add emotional stress certainly does not help.

I just keep thinking of what my mom always says when something bad or hard happens: "As Nana (my grandmother) used to say, 'these are all things in life.'"
It is actually providing some comfort.

So for now, it is back to bad daytime TV (the Today show has really gone downhill!!) and taking care of myself.


  1. Feel better lady! Lots of rest and fluids!! Wishing you healing thoughts and happy energy!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes Kasey and Aubrey!!

  3. You're so right that with physical yuck can come emotional...stuff! I read this and think, "yeah! Yeah, me TOO sometimes." Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop.

  4. Tsk. It really is a strain to get sick. Just about as strenuous and physically demanding as it is go be overworked, yet you were left reeling on a bed or a couch or what not. We pray that you get the absolute best medicine and treatment that you should get. You deserve it.

    Milagros @ US Health Works - Puyallup Center