Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Patience is not a Virtue...It is Impossible!

So, here we are a couple of weeks after our third failed FET and I am in a funk. I am angry, moody, sad and irritable. Sounds like fun, huh?? The hormone torture does not end when we stop taking the meds, the body needs weeks to recover and I am in that phase now. It simply sucks to be me right now.
I am still waiting for my blood test results from last week and may wait another couple of days. I am trying to focus on next month's SHG, as that is something active I can do and feel a part of this crazy process. That's the thing, when I am taking meds and doing tests, I feel empowered that I am an active participant in the process; when I am just waiting, well, that is the difficult part.
So, I will continue to wait, take some ativan when I need it and get through this phase of the process. I am exercising again and eating better than I have been and I know that will help, as well.
Maybe this last fight is over, but the battle continues and I am not done yet.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. That's pretty cool we have the same name :) I'm so sorry about your failed cycle. Good for you for eating better and exercising. (I need to be better at that.) Hugs to you, dear.